Making a positive impact for children and disadvantaged adults in the Woodland community


March 2, 4-7pm

Woodland Senior and Community Center

Our club is supporting ReXpo (Parks and Rec Expo) in partnership with City of Woodland Community Services Department.

Kiwanis provides 50 water safety training scholarships for young children from disadvantaged families.

Kiwanis and Pioneer High School Key Club cooks and serves dinner.

Games organized by Pioneer High School Key Club will be giving out water goggles for children as prizes to highlight our support for water safety in Woodland.

Our Kiwanis foundation is exempt from federal income tax as a 501 (c) 3 foundation.


Kiwanis Club of Woodland is a group of friendly and fun-loving people, working together to make a positive impact for Woodland through service to children and the elderly.

Kiwanis membership inspires us to invest in our community and have fun in the process.


Woodland Kiwanis meets on Mondays, lunch served at 12:00. Meetings begins at 12:10 to 1:00 pm in the dining room of the historic Hotel Woodland, 436 Main Street, Woodland (holidays excepted). Enter at the door to the left off the courtyard adjacent to the free parking lot on College Street south of the hotel. Guests are always welcome.

This website is your introduction to who we are, what we stand for, and why Kiwanis members are so passionate about our Woodland community. You will also learn about fundraising activities, clubs we support, our community service projects, and the inspiring vision of Kiwanis International.

For more information about Kiwanis of Woodland, send us an email:

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Date Type Title
03/24/2018 Event

Chance for members joining this year to learn about club

03/26/2018 Meeting

Gill Williams will speak on NorCal Trykes

04/02/2018 Meeting

Jayne Williams will be doing a presentation about "All Leaders Must Serve Organization"

04/02/2018 Meeting

Regular Board meeting held in evening with meal included.

Allow more time to get in some issues in more depth

04/05/2018 Meeting

Monthly evening meeting reaching out to those with difficulty making noon meetings

04/09/2018 Meeting
04/16/2018 Meeting

Club will hold annual election for year 2018-19 beginning on 1 Oct 2018

04/23/2018 Meeting

Kevin Clark, DA Office, Enforce Officer. Presentation on scams.

04/28/2018 Event

Gov Joni Ackerman to visit our Division

04/30/2018 Meeting

Adrienne Rimoldi - Senior Recruiter for ADELCO, give a presentation on Yolo Employment.

05/05/2018 Event

Cook food for Honey Festival

05/07/2018 Meeting

Regular meeting

05/07/2018 Meeting

Dinner Board meeting

05/14/2018 Meeting

Regular meeting