Kiwanis Club of Woodland Scholarships

Our club offers scholarships to seniors graduating from High Schools in Woodland.  We invite college-bound seniors to apply specifically for our $2,000 scholarships, which will be awarded before high school graduation and funded upon submitting proof of enrollment at your chosen college or university.

Kiwanis club is dedicated to serving the children of the world. The focus of our club is on service to community, with special emphasis placed on children of all ages.  In support of our club's goals, we are seeking scholarship applicants applying for study in degrees related to child health, development, care, education, support or welfare. Applicants will be asked to provide information in an essay to better evaluate their qualification for awarding the scholarships. 

Application process begins at campus student services scholarship offices submitting local scholarship applications. Qualified applicants will be chosen from this field and notified of essay requirements and due dates for consideration for final selection.

Contact information: